Mantis & Moon activities



Learn to surf the best wave on The South Coast
Lessons are available daily with our I.S.A Qualified Surfing Coach, Justin Maisch.

Our head Surf Instructor, owner and host, Justin, grew up here on the South Coast and was raised in a surfing community with his dad making surfboards and fins for a living, of which Justin and his brother Gazo still continue to custom handcraft Wedge Surfboards and Maisch fins since 1976. Justin is a former Springbok and professional surfer, lifeguard and international surfing association certified surf instructor.

Surf Lesson Rates 1HR LESSON 2HR LESSON
1 Coach + 1 Student + Board R300.00 R450.00
2 to 4 Students R250.00 pp R400.00 pp
5 to 8 Students R200.00 pp R400.00 pp

Board Hire Rates: R200 Per Day or R1000 Per Week (R1000 refundable breakage deposit)
If you would like to organise a surf lesson whilst staying at Mantis and Moon
please contact us at

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Surf- & body boards

Comfortable enough without a lesson...?
Get out there and hire a surfboard from our Sports Corner (R75per day) or a body board (R50.00 per day).

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Snorkelling excursions

Umzumbe’s clear water is perfect for snorkelling.


The best snorkelling spot in Umzumbe is at our main beach around the rocks or at Sharks bay around the rocks. Ideal time to snorkel is on low tide, Consult weatherboard to plan your lovely snorkelling day.

Snorkelling excursions are R150 per person and video footage can be arranged at an extra cost.

Please wash the equipment thoroughly with clear water after use!

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Surfers Paradise

The south coast is a surfers dream.
We offer Day Surf trips for the more advanced. So get on your board and go catch yourself a barrel.

From north to south
* Umzumbe: Right hand point/beach break
* Shark Bay: Left point, seldom works
* Kingfisher Point: Right hand point, no shark nets
* Big fisherman: Left point, beach break
* Banana beach: Right hand point
* Sunwich port: Gnarly right hand barrelling point, experts only
* Umtentweni: Right hand point, beach break, holds a big swell
* St Michaels: Right hand point



Massage treatments

As a backpacker you may find that travelling, hiking, game drives, water sports and even missing home can take their toll on you, so why not treat yourself.

Relax and rewind those aching and tired muscles, regenerate your mind, body and spirit with the following treatments:

massage1 massage2



The combined art and science of working reflex points on the feet to trigger balance in the body. Reflexology induces extreme relaxation, which allows your body’s own natural healing process to take place. It improves circulation, reduces stress and cleanses the body of toxins and impurities. You will feel revitalised and energised.


Indian head massage

A traditional technique of manipulating soft tissues in the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. It relieves tension, eases aching muscles and improves blood circulation. It can also improve hair condition and help ailments such as migraine, sinusitis and insomnia.



Essential oils used in the practice of aromatherapy are for the treatment of a number of different ailments or conditions. They tend to have anti-viral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Aromatherapy works partly trough the sense of smell but mostly by absorption through the skin. It aids relaxation, improves circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins and impurities from the body. It is uplifting, revitalising and good for toning muscles.

We have an experienced masseuse that will make sure you unwind and relax. The treatments are done in the Massage lounge next to the Tipi. Ask the staff to make an appointment for you, massages are R300.00 for an hour session.


Scuba diving

diving3 diving1

Welcome to one of the best rated dive sites in the world. Dive with Ragged Tooth Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Bull sharks, Black tips and Manta Rays, Dolphins and Whale Sharks.
We can arrange dives beginner to advanced dives at Protea Banks. and Aliwal shoal, which is rated one of the top 6 dive sites in the world. It’s famous for its sharks, rays and turtles.

Not Qualified?

We offer all PADI courses from Discover Scuba to Dive Master.
We offer shuttles to and from courses & do daytrips.

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Ocean safari's



Fascinated by the ocean?

Take an adventurous boat trip in search of dolphins, whales and other marine life.
Whales are usually spotted between May and September.

Minimum of 3 people to launch the boat, so please book in advance!

Please note that the trip is weather dependent!

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Croc world


Crocworld is not just a crocodile farm, it is a complete wildlife experience offering a range of displays and activities to suit all age groups.It is a 24 hectare botanical garden of indigenous trees and plants, which attract a unique variety of over 200 free flying bird species.

The main attractions are the few hundred Nile Crocodiles ranging from newborn hatchlings to 100-year-old mammoths as well as “Isis” the African fish eagle that will great you as you enter the park. These descendants of the dinosaurs live in ponds with beautiful, natural and manicured surrounds, which allow the public close-up viewing. But the park is not only housing crocodiles it also house a number of other animals such as Caracals, Jackals, Meerkats, farmyard animals and a lot more bird species which include the walk through aviary where the public can see the national bird the Blue crane.

The snake tunnel will allow you to face you wildest fear by coming face to face with some of Africa’s most venomous reptiles.

Among the exciting displays of birds, mammals and reptiles, they also house a collection of Alligators, African Dwarf Crocodiles and African Long Snouted Crocodiles.

So hop into an airconditioned Renault and spend hours meandering the paths and byways enjoying the flora and indigenous bird life that abounds. Vervet Monkeys chatter in the trees and Blue and Gray Duiker, Bushbuck and Mongoose are often seen on the forest edge.


Pure Venom


Pure Venom Reptile Park Is the Largest, Most Unique Reptile Park in South Africa! Have a photo taken holding a Python! Mamba's, Cobra's, Vipers and more!

R65.00 Adult – R45.00 Child – R50.00 Pensioners

• Snake Demonstrations Daily, Highly Educational and Lots of Fun.

• Crocodile and Alligator Feeding – mostly Sundays, time depending…..

• “Viper” Family Restaurant. A Fully Licensed Restaurant with an A-La-Carte menu. Private Functions and Kiddies Parties.

• Animal Farm – Farm Animals.

• Amazing Displays of Reptiles & Snakes in Several Areas.

• “Creepy Curio Shop” with Curios, Special Souvenirs, Unique Clothing, Reptile Sales and Accessories.

• A Beautiful Setting on one of Izotsha’s oldest estates with Strangler Figs and grandfather trees dating back to the 1800’s.

• We also offer Snake Handling and Identification Courses (With Certification).


Oribi Gorge


Approximately 35 km away the Umzimkulwana River has etched a spectacular gorge into the mountains to create a rugged, natural landscape of breathtaking beauty. The gorge, some 27 km long and up to 1 km wide, is the sight of Oribi Gorge nature reserve. A pristine natural bush, teeming with wildlife and huge indigenous trees.
The area offers a variety of activities from adrenaline pumping to nice and relaxing.

The Wild 5 is situated at Oribi Gorge and they offer exciting and fun activities.

Entrance to the nature reserve is R12 per person. Select from all our Oribi Gorge packages. We arrange a shuttle for you, pay for your entrance and drop and pick you up as desired. So get some friends together and have a day to remember at Oribi Gorge.

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Wild 5 Adventures




abseiling1 The highest, natural, commercial abseil in the world! Abseil 110 meters down a cliff and along the side of a waterfall, with incredible views, an amazing experience.abseiling3


Gorge Swing

gorgeswing2 The Wild Gorge swing is an awesome experience that leaves you breathless yet exhilarated. Situated at the top of Lehr’s Falls, it is the highest swing in the world. Hurl yourself (or simply step) off the edge of the waterfall to swing into the gaping depths of the gorge - 165m (55 Storeys) Unbelievable! A full body harness is used to allow for a comfortable ride.


gorgeswing1 gorgeswing3


Footy Slide

Experience solitary bliss! Slide along the cable that spans across the gorge, 165m above the treetops. Strapped securely in a full body harness, you can lavish the view without compromising your comfort… Enjoy a bird’s eye views of Lehr’s Waterfall and Baboon’s Castle!


River Rafting

Half day, full day and two-day trips offered down the Umzimkulu River. Rapids range from grades 2-4 depending on the level of the river.

This activity must be booked at least one day in advance!

rafting1 rafting2




There are several hiking trails in the Gorge, Hoepoe Fall’s being the most popular. A 4 hour round trip to a stunning waterfall.



Horse Riding

Exciting horse trails, enjoy wildlife and the beautiful views!



4 x 4 trails

Get your 4x4 into the real bush. Three challenging trails to test man and machine.



If you require transport to Oribi Gorge we provide a return trip for R200 per person. So get some friends together and have a day to remember.


Skydive Durban



Durban Skydive Centre do Tandem jumps and also offer a accelerated freefall option as well as a jump course.

After a ground briefing you are taken on a scenic 20 minute plane ride up to jump altitude (8 000ft - 10 000ft)

You are then firmly attached to a qualified and experienced tandem instructor. We exit the plane and freefall for an exhilarating and unforgettable 45 seconds, then float to earth under parachute. During the 6 minute parachute decent you get the opportunity to fly the canopy. The instructor will take over for the landing.

Everything is provided, you just need to bring closed-in running shoes. Maximum weight limit is 110kg's.
There is a shop offering light meals and refreshments and a pool and kiddies play area. There is also a large boma and grass area for braais and picnics.

A tandem skydive 8 000ft - 10 000ft, +/- 40 seconds of free-fall. We can offer a DVD or photos of your experience.

For more information see Skydive Durbans website


Lake Eland Game Reserve



Bush field, grasslands, wetlands and coastal forest are the four distinct ecosystems that provide visitors with the opportunity to view animals such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland and the shy mountain reedbuck. Well-maintained dirt roads make it possible to view from the comfort of your own car. Experience the rush of walking over the suspension bridge to the eagle’s nest view site.
Lake Eland also hosts the most awesome Zip line tour in Africa. 3.3 kilometers long over Oribi Gorge.


Game drives also available. Please book in advance!





Sardine run

Every year when the aloes start to bloom on the Kwazulu-Natal South coast, people brace themselves for an event unsurpassed by anything anywhere in the world; the annual sardine run. This incredible phenomenon usually starts in the first week of June and lasts about two months. Nature makes its own rules however and the only sure thing is that they will be here every year and that people will be infected by 'sardine fever'.

It is one of nature's most grand annual extravaganzas, a vivid drama epic in scale and 'made-for-spectators' to rival any listed any listed wonder of the world. Countless millions of tiny silver fish heading north from spawning and feeding grounds off the eastern cape reach Zulu kingdom waters at our southern most seaside resort town of Port Edward, pursues by the most well-equipped and voracious predators on earth, both ocean-going and airborne. These relentless hunters occasionally drive splinters on the giant sardine shoal ashore, where equally frenzied human 'extras' gleefully join the cast of this wide-screen blockbuster. The showing runs for several weeks, at its most intense along our hibiscus coast, then gradually lessening as the constantly harvest shoal continues its lemming-like migration northwards. Despite this insistent hunting attention, the last surviving sardines have usually managed a 200-kilometre journey, beyond the golden beaches of Durban Metro, before final oblivion in the 'smiling' mouths of our aptly named dolphin coasts start attractions.


Game fish and hungry sharks follow the sardines. To add to this symphony of marine life an estimated 3000 bottlenose dolphins and 20.000 common dolphins can be seen frolicking in the water; flocks of cape gannets, cormorants, terns and gulls complete this wonderful natural display.

When these hungry predators drive shoal splinter inshore, the ocean water appears to boil as the tiny fish are driven to the surface. They are so intent on escape that they are sometimes even driven right on to the beach where you can literally pick them up off the sand. You may also see sharks trashing about on the surface just beyond the waves and this show guarantees an unusual and thrilling experience, free from danger. However, sharks may well follow into uncharacteristically shallow water and pose a real threat to blissfully unaware paddlers scooping up bucketsful of snacks-to-be…so take care!


Humans are however the largest of all the predators taking 700 tons of shining little fish by means of seine nets. During this feeding frenzy the true symptoms of sardine fever are witnessed with people attempting to catch sardines by any means possible.

So whether in the capable, experienced hands of air- or sea- borne tour operator, or simply armed with the sardine hotline number plus a pair of binoculars, plastic bathtub and grandma primed to be on her best behaviour, our Zulu kingdoms annual winter sardine run is a unique experience that guarantees memories for a lifetime.


Here is coastal living at its best, warm and inviting Indian ocean, picture perfect beaches, friendly and helpful locals, plus during the buzz of our sardine run a sense of camaraderie to rival that unbeatable feeling of supporting the winning team on cup final day! This moving fish restaurant makes its way north and disappears eastwards after reaching Durban where the fish head into deeper waters. Despite what happens to them every year the sardines will be back again in June or July. And everyone in our Zulu Kingdom looks forward to sharing with you our very own special wonder of the world, the greatest shoal on earth.

Talk to us about arranging diving or boat chartering during the sardine run.